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CHERRY CUP SKOPJE is completely unusual and exceptional 10s and 14&U tennis tournament. A unique story about tennis, sport, love, devotion, endurance and the fight to keep our children's smile on their faces at any moment, let them play, learn, compete and improve. To remain children and to have the opportunity to share all the wisdom they carry within themselves, untouched by form, stereotypes, and expectations. Day by day they will become better in what they do from the heart, what they do with great love, and what they dream of. To be players, but above all top class people, for their own sake, for their loved ones, for their nation, city and country. Let them be proud of themselves and their tennis achievement and rejoice when they share it with their loved ones and the world around them. 

A unique story for Skopje, the city that always knew how to appreciate the children's smile. A city that is a symbol of rising from ashes, a symbol of world solidarity and modern trends of living. Set on the river Vardar, surrounded by beautiful mountains, a blend of many roads throughout history, a place where many nations for centuries know and learn to live together, with each other and alongside each other. A city with a recognizable spirit and a rhythm of living that must be experienced.