Healthy food - Skopje

20% discount

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Tennis club - Skopje

15 % discount for tennis court hire and cafe

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Cherry Cup Skopje 2021

Tennis Tournament

10% discount for team members

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TK Mondano

Tennis club - Skopje

15% discount for court hire

Kate&Jule jewelry

Creative Art Studio - Skopje

30% discount

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Dr.Elena Petrova

Orthodontist - Skopje

One free check of the occlusion or dental anomaly

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Sheezick na reezick

Clothing brand

discount TBA

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Designer and university professor

Оптички центар - ЛЕНС

Optical centre

Free vision check

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Marija Jones

TEFL teacher & experienced long-time translator

ДМ Вкус

ТИПИКА - Пржилница за кафе

Speciality Coffee Skopje

15% попуст

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Educational center for parents and children

Education centar - Belgrade

10% discount until 1.05.2020

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Bidi Badu

Sport clothing - Belgrade

10% discount

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Mali igraci

web site - Belgrade

discount TBA

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Tennis club Belgrade

discount TBA

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