Sheezick na reezick
Clothing brand

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SHEEZICK NA REEZICK is a Skopje-based clothing brand made to inspire brave minds. We develop premium products with our values always in mind: connection to roots, unique design, passion and dedication. 

After long experience in communications and design, we took off road on a journey to create our own product that reflects the spirit of the city we were born in. In 2018 we founded SHEEZICK NA REEZICK. Taken from the 80s Skopje slang, the brand's name stands for a local street hero who chases dreams and plays big against all odds. 

SHEEZICK NA REEZICK is about being different by simply being who you really are. It is about passion of living on colourful crossroads, where people kiss on red wooden benches, fly their dragons while sweet parachutes are falling from the sky. It’s about chasing dreams, taking risks with a smile on our faces and making it against all odds. ‘Cause NO RISK NO FUN.