09 - 17.10.2020 Cherry Cup Skopje 2020 

proudly supported by Lazar Zakovski

It is not about winning, sometimes it is about flying - Cherry Champions flight

“I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I Love to play.” Boris Becker

Cherry Cup Skopje 2020 - U12 boys
Winner: Stefan Novkovski - Skopje
Runner up: Nemanja Stojanovic - Negotino
SF: Damjan Vladevski - Skopje
SF: Maksim Treneski - Skopje

Stefan Novkovski & Nemanja Stojanovikj

Damjan VladevskiMaksim Treneski

“Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It’s about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result.” - Joe Torre

Cherry Cup Skopje 2020 - U12 girls
Winner - Ljubica Andonovska - Strumica
Runner up  - Altea Hajrizi - Kosovska Mitrovica
SF - Mia Spirovska - Skopje
SF - Isidora Pavkovikj - Skopje

Altea Hajrizi & Ljubica Andonovska Ljubica AndonovskaAltea HajriziMia SpirovskaIsidora Pavkovikj

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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci 

“The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” - J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird The pilot & the player - Pipistrel flying clubCherry champions flight at PFC Flying Club