Dear little players, we did it together

We are happy to announce that first Road to Cherry Cup Skopje 2020 tournament is over. 

We play together, we learn together , we grow together ... we send great time together, make new friends, make new experience


16 little players entry the Orange Road to Cherry tournament. Even though that they played their matches, they collected cherries as well according our new, special awarding system. More about it you can read here: 

So we have this results after first tournaments

Ivan Trpkovski, Skopje15
Vladan Novkovski, Skopje13
Vasilij Zakoski, Tetovo12
Ina Kalina Kitanovska, Skopje12
Dea Krstevska, Skopje12
Bojan Novkovski, Skopje11
Morea Dreshaj, Peja11
Erza Ajazaj, Prishtina7
Gorjan Avramovski, Skopje6
Eda Prekic, Prishtina6
Soljakovski Kalin, Skopje 5
Darjan Panovski, Skopje5
Mal Karakashi, Prishtina5
Hana Veseli, Prishtina5
Eldin Kolasinac, Skopje2

We present the winners and finalist - Orange Road to Cherry Cup Skopje No.1

Ivan Trpkovski - winner & Vladan Novkovski - finalist

Dea Krstevska - winner & Erza Ajazaj - finalist


We had 17 little players on this tournament. They also played the game an collect cherries. 

The results are:

Vladan Novkovski, Skopje12
Vasilij Zakoski, Tetovo11
 Ina Kalina Kitanovska, Skopje11
Mia Spirovska, Skopje9
 Dea Krstevska, Skopje9
Marko Aleksovski, Skopje9
Bojan Novkovski, Skopje7
Gorjan Vukicevic, Skopje7
Jana Tančevska, Skopje7
Branko Kalenikov, Skopje6
 Nina Thaqi, Prishtina6
Gorjan Avramovski, Skopje5
Alexsander Albonetti Gacev, Skopje5
Darjan Panovski, Skopje5
Lina Nikolovska, Skopje5
Marko Kmetovski, Skopje1
Mihail Mijovski, Skopje 1

Mia Spirovska - winner & Jana Tanchevska - finalist

Marko Aleksovski - winner & Gorjan Vukichevic - finalist

We are sorry to announce that we couldn't organize real RED ROAD TO CHERRY TOURNAMENT , because it seems to be very hard period for the smallest one. Hope they will be in better condition for the next tournament. But still we have something from them. We sow nice played kids points and we made great pictures of them.

Marej Popov and Damjan Stefanov you are great players and great friends

We are ready for next one Road to Cherry Cup Skopje 2020  tournament which is planed to be on 14 March 2020. Dear players , work hard, work clever, learn more, write MY TENNIS DIARIES (you have promised that), become better, play matches, play tournaments....

... and find out how and why it will be good for you to become a member of CHERRY PLAYERS TEAM.... FOLLOW US OR BE ONE OF US

More pictures you will find in our gallery...