Fabulous start of New Year 2020 in Belgrade

Kids from Belgrade and Skopje together on the court and around the great city of Belgrade

1. Emilija Miljkovic , TK White star , Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

2. Tamara Ljuba, TK White star, Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

3. Nina Milivojevic, TK Reket, Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

4. Gorazd Trpkovski, TK MTP Skopje

6. Dejan Livada TK Classics, Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

7. Stefan Novkovski, TK MTP Skopje

8. Ivan Trpkovski TK Jug Skopje

9. Vladan Novkovski, TK MTP Skopje

10. Bojan Novkovski, TK MTP Skopje

11. Vasilij Zakoski, TK MTP Skopje

12. Ognjen Mandaric, TK White star Belgrade

13. Vojin Andjelkovic, TK White star Belgrade

14. Viktor Visnic, TK White star Belgrade

15. Uros Djordjevic, TK White star Belgrade

16. Marko Pavlovic, Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

17. Mihajlo Radojicic, Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

18. David Tomasevic, TK Crvena zvezda Belgrade

19. Isidora Obradovic, Deciji svet tenisa Belgrade

Thanks to coaches that were with us:

Antonija Markovska, Misko Markovski, Vilma Markovska - tennis skills

Dragan Tomovic, Strahinja Tomovic - motoric skills

Ljubica Jovanovic - mental coach

Big thanks to the clubs that help us in organization:

TK White star, Belgrade

TK Agrimes, Belgrade

TK OTK, Belgrade

Enormous thanks to the parents that follow us and make this happened. They were priceless part of our team. And for the end thanks to Mali Igraci site that follows our work and made a great news about Cherry sport events

One team, same dream 🍒🍒🍒#cherrysport #cherryteam