Motivational open competition with awards – I draw, I make, I write (while not playing)

The editorial staff of the website Little Players and Cherry Sport have decided to organize this motivational open competition with awards, called I draw, I mke, I write (while not playing) and we expect you, by choosing the form that suits you the best, to send us your tennis and champion story during this time of isolation.


THE CORE TOPIC OF THIS COMPETITION IS TENNIS. But, in addition to this, you can tell us stories about sport in general, about you in all that, about the coronavirus, about the strange and unusual circumstances that affect us all, about your thoughts, feelings, dreams… You can share with us your wise conclusions, you can send us your creations, your music, or products of some other skill you might have (camera, film camera, editing, animation). Feel free to use yourselves or technology as tools. The stories can be funny, or sad even, they can be invented, or true. Let your imagination fly. You know that it can achieve anything you can think of. Be creative and stay busy.


The form is not strictly determined – send us anything you have written, a short story, an anecdote, or a drawing, some creative handwork, a photo-story, a short video recording, with commentaries (of at least a few sentences, in Serbian or English).

Participation propositions:

Everyone has the right to participate. Anyone can create a tennis story: young tennis players, their parents, coaches, other tennis workers, professional tennis players, sportists, people of all other professions, businessmen, artists and politicians. You will just open a new participant category with your story.

The duration of the competition and the manner of sending the stories

The competition will last as long as the isolation itself, and your stories in a text (Word) format or in an image/video format), together with your contact data you can send us by mail to the following address or to our inbox on Facebook. You can send your story under a pseudonym  (you do not need to give us your real name, but you will have to send us your contact details).

The manner and criteria for selection of the winners

We will publish all received works every 7 days on the following websites:

and we will publish every new story on the Facebook page of  Cherry sport & Cherry Cup Skopje upon receipt.

We will all vote, judge the creativity, wittines, inspiration, friendliness and style of expression in public ...

  • The winners will be announced at a date that will be fixed at a later date after the end of isolation.
  • The place where the winners will be announced, the works promoted, and where a humanitarian auction and joint celebration will be organized will also be chosen after the end of isolation


We have provided nice little awards for the winners and something for all participants in the competition: a starter package of love, support, hugs, applauses, handshakes and the obligatory YEEES! LET’S DO IT! (all of which we miss so badly these days and to which we have got used to in this lovely sport of ours)