Road to Cherry Cup Skopje no 2. in ABC tennis club - Skopje
Build Trust...
Set extremely high standards...
Teach Why...
Don' compromise or apologize...

Always create an environment and working space that motivates little players. It must be green, it must be pleasant,it must be creative,  it must be calm, it must be ... like ABC tennis club 

Just be on the level - Cherry organization team

Vilma Markovska, Viktor Mihajlovski, Andreja Isaiev, Nebojsa Milutinovic, Stefan Mijuskovic, Iskra Jordanovska, Gorazd Trpkovski & Stefan Novkovski 

CHERRY ENERGI TIME - healthy body , healthy spirit 

by Dejan Novkovski

 RED - Road to Cherry Cup Skopje no.2 

Thank you dear mom and dad for the support !!!

 Heron Ajeti - Prishtina . best result on the RED tournament 

Equipment & happy kids on the court 

 ORANGE - Road to Cherry Cup Skopje no.2 

ORANGE tennis10s , girls - best results
WInner - Ivana Božinovska - TK JUG , Skopje 
Runner up - Morea Dreshai - Peja ORANGE tennis10s, boys - best results 
Winner - Heron Ajeti - Prishtina 
Runner up - Filip Velkovski - TK MTP, Skopje 

 GREEN - Road to Cherry Cup Skopje no.2 

 GREEN tennis10s, boys 
 Winner - Maximilian Hajcik - Germany 
 Runner up - Vasilij Zakoski - TK MTP, Skopje 
 GREEN tennis10s, girls 
 WINNER - Ina Kalina Kitanovska - TK MTP, Skopje 

 GEEN tennis10s , B WINNER - Mihail Georgievski - TK JUG, Skopje  RUNNER UP - Marko Derbreslioski - TK Tenis Akademija , Skopje 

 GREEN + Road to Cherry Cup Skopje no.2 

GREEN + , boys
 WINNER - Dimitar Poncev - TK Crna reka, Kavadarci 
 RUNNER UP - Ivan Trpkovski - TK JUG, Skopje 
GREEN+, girls 
 WINNER - Irina Pistolova - TK JUG, Skopje 
 RUNNER UP - Ina Kalina Kitanovska - TK MTP, Skopje 
 WINNER - Gorjan Vukicevic, TK JUG, Skopje 
 RUNNER UP - Branko Kalenikov , TK MONDANO, Skopje 
 WINNER - Gorjan Vukicevic & Maximilian Hajcik 
 RUNNER UP - Dimitar Pončev  i Lazar Grizdanov - TK Crna reka , Kavadarci 
Road to Cherry Cup Skopje no.2 - diploma

Dear kids, little players you were all great !!!

Please continue to dream your CHAMPIONS DREAMS, PLAY, LEARN AND GROW !!!

See you soon on Cherry Cup Skopje 2020 - 09-15.10.2020

Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them-a desire, a dream, a vision...Mahatma Gandhi