July 2021

He who was lucky enough to wake up this morning in Belgrade shouldn't ask for anything more in life. More than that would be immodest - Duško Radović

Happy together - Cherry team on court

Zoi, Kali, Ema, Pavel, Vuk, Petar, Djole, Ivan, Simona, Misko, Petar, Viktor, Nikola, David, Obo & Jovan 

It all began with one small shy smile

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a simply necessity.

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning - Museum of chocolate Belgrade

The happiness of learning & playing

They are from the past , but they are real for sure - Kalemegdan

Just like a tourists - Kalemegdan

Tennis nightlife of Belgrade 

Parents & coaches play the biggest role in players development. YES or NO ?

Sometimes they are cool, sometimes they are fanny & sometimes they are just talking about tennis

Dobro jutro džezeri - it is a time for tournament

Great support - GO GO KALI !!!

Play, learn, enjoy & grow... Be with your great CHERRY team... 

It was great and hot and long and successful journey... happy to have my Adidas shoes  

We are going to try Belgrade in September for sure !!! 

See you soon, friends !!!