Alexander Albonetti Gacev
TK MTP - Skopje

Born October 2009 in Skopje, North Macedonia

Lives in Skopje, North Macedonia

Plays Right-handed

Member of MTP Tennis Club Skopje

On court 

- Began playing tennis at age 4

- Favorite court surface Clay

- Since fall 2019 Alex is at the Green level. In 2019 he won the MTP Club Orange League' s tournament. His first international tournament was the Cherry Cup 2019 in Skopje where he reached the 8th of finals. In June 2020 Alex won 2nd place at his MTP Club Green League's tournament. In July 2020, Alex participated to a regional tournament organized by the Macedonian Tennis Federation and arrived in the 8th of finals losing to the tournament's winner. 

Off court 

- Yahya Kemal College Skopje

- Other sports: football, swimming, handball, biking, skateboard, ping-pong and skiing

- STEM Academy classes

- Hobbies: video games

- Likes to watch films and read good books