Heron Ajeti
Rilindja Tennis Club - Prishtine

"When I think of tennis, I think of..."

mastering forehand, backhand, serve and having fun while playing. Of course I enjoy winning but I'm also happy when I play good game and learn new tactics. 

I feel sad when it rains and I can't play tennis outside.

I also think of new cities and tournaments I will visit and play when pandemics ends.

name: Heron Ajeti

date of birth: 26.03.2013

city and state: Prishtine, Kosove

parent club: Rilindja Tennis Club

tennis coach: Granit Bajraliu

school: 2nd grader in Mileniumi i Trete School - Prishtine

Most significant results to date:

Kosovo Tennis Federation - Hope of the year 2019 Red Tennis

Kosovo Tennis Federation - Hope of the year 2020 Red Tennis

Winner of Road to Cherry Cup no. 2 - Orange Tennis