Morea Dreshaj
TC Peja - Peja

"When I think of tennis, I think of...":

Winning, actually playing to win, make friends, have fun and learn. I like others sports also, but tennis is my favorite. I think of... serve, forehand, backhand... follow - through... topspin, etc. Travel to deferent cities. I think of speed, running around the court. Playing with my sister, teaching my brothers to play.

name and surname: Morea Dreshaj

date of birth: 09.10.2011

city and state: Peja - Kosovo

parent club: TC Peja - Peje

coach: Sokol Tigani

most significantresult to date: 

Winner - orange tournament TK Akademija - Skopje

Winner - orange tournament Cherry Cup Skopje 2020

school: forth grade elementary school Ali Kelmendi